Access Control in Respresso

Using Respresso, all team members can edit software resource files. This helps you to efficiently collaborate and save time. As we add different team members, we need to limit their ability to edit resources. This is why Respresso has role-based access control. Team and project structure Generally speaking, Respresso groups users into teams. Each team […]

What’s new in Respresso? – 2021 edition

We’re happy to get feedback from our users, as it lets us know where we need to improve Respresso. Now, we collected some of the updates that were inspired by our users. (You can also submit a feature request here or send us your feedback directly to Let’s see them. Zeplin integration In addition […]

Respresso helps you to become a better developer

We all want to become better developers of course. How? To become better at anything, we have to take some time for experimentation to get experience. By experimenting, I don’t just think about practicing. You need to learn new techniques and tools, which will help your work in the future. Imagine your life without Maven, […]

Import design assets from Figma into Respresso within a few seconds

Hey folks, I am pretty excited because of our announcement. I’m pleased to say we published Respresso integration client for Figma. ? Figma is a design tool like Sketch and designers really like it. Figma has a very similar concept to Respresso, you merely need a browser to work efficiently and they solve every other […]

In context translation with Respresso

“Yes”, “OK”, “Confirm”, “Proceed”, “Allow”, “Save”. All of these words would fit into a popup as the main button. They have a really different meaning and should be used wisely depending on the context. Using the wrong phrase would cause a distraction for the user and seriously damage your user’s trust. This applies not only […]

5 Respresso Features to Boost Your Software Localization and Translation Workflow

Software localization is a complex task. All you need is a great tool to simplify the process! Have you ever gotten into trouble while you were managing multiple localizations inside your application? Creating localized content is a double-edged sword: while it might be the key to enter a new market; it also has the potential […]

Respresso – A new concept for multi-platform mobile development

Hey folks, let us introduce you to a brand new concept. I’m sure that you know that feeling when you have a converter for pdf files, another for VectorDrawables. A third one to resize png images. Forget them and use Respresso, which is a  Digital Asset Management system for multiplatform projects. Respresso is a collaborative […]