Hi folks in this post we will talk about a very exciting theme namely, the digital collaboration. Thanks for the tech boom and cloud technology we can use our smartphones, tablets, laptops to work from anywhere in the world. More and more companies employ well talented people from different continents in their teams to work more efficiently. 

According to an Home Office survey, which was fill out by home workers: 

  • 85 % of workers  trusted to carry out their job effectively
  • 83 % of people have the skills that he or she needs to do him/her job effectively
  • 82 % said: “the people in my team can be relied upon to help when things get difficult in my job”

Nowadays, workplaces are becoming more digital and adaptive but wait. How can they solve the collaboration without a physical area?

Collaboration in a “normal” workplace

What is the collaboration with simple words? In case of collaboration we would like to get information to solve problems. These information can be news, physical or digital material, image, etc. To get the information we usually use  apps, tools, softwares in a normal workplace as well. Raise your hand if you use a chat application, calendar or agenda, email client, project management tool, etc. I’m totally sure that every one of my readers raised her or his hand 😉

People networking through technology
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So, we have to notice that digital collaboration is part of our working life at this time because we are more productive and powerful with these tools. These tools usually run on the cloud and your team can earn them on the internet.

Why don’t work from home?

Many times when I’m at my workplace (in the office) I recognise that a bunch of my colleagues use headphones during the work time. I don’t want to bother them that is why, I wrote a message for them and we talked through the chat app. This works well in the office, so it has to work well from home or from any place on the earth as well.

How to be more effective with Respresso?

Improve the team

Digital collaboration reveals a huge part of the team interaction. With a Digital Asset Manager system you can fill a hole in the part of programming. It contains your localization texts, images, colors, fonts, application icons, etc. This tool helps to avoid asset duplication or recreation and you can ensure that you don’t burn daylight with repeating work that has already been done. This improvement affects designers, developers, customers, managers.

Don’t waste your time, get information immediately

Do you store your project files well? How many times do you forget where to find an asset? Can I take a bet, 5, 100, 1000? It doesn’t matter because this number is bigger than 0. Try to use a dedicated place for your important files, which connect to a project. We will guarantee you that we will store you and you can find these assets everytime. Moreover, we can guarantee the repeatable builds if you finalize a version in your project.

We will guarantee you that we will store you and you can find these assets everytime
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Forget Google Drive, Dropbox, a folder in your computer, pendrive, send as an attachment etc. upload into Respresso and we will serve it for you and your team.
If your designer upload the common format of asset like svg, pdf, png, jpg images or argb, hex colors etc,  Respresso sort out further tasks, like create platform specific formats or resize images. Usage of dummy content an additional powerful solution can be. Designers can upload dummy images with the eventual key into Respresso while they prepare final versions.

Without constraints

Employees have the ability to work more efficiently and safely with Respresso in the world of assets. They do not have to know any program language, that is enough to have a web browser. Through that they can alter any of the texts, images, colors etc. and developers or an automated system can deliver the updated application or web page. Thanks for the built in history log, nobody will lose any information about the changing.

Look at me, we got a change request

In a multiplatform project simple change requests can be dangerous. Usually a scrum master or lead developer creates a task about the request into your project management system. However, in case of a simple task I often heard the statement “I solve it in about 5 minutes”. That is OK but the other platform(s) missed the information and the team has to repair that around the deadline. Nevertheless, the above statement can be true if your team use Respresso and the request concern to an asset e.q. you have to change a localization text. Since every platform downloads or syncs data from the same server there are no risks.

Create a silo for your project’s asset

Respresso’s main concept is to organize your business and your projects into a well structured solution. A team can be your business and inside the team you can create projects. A project will contain all of your assets like a silo. Thanks for this logic every worker knows where to find the demanded asset and where to upload a new one.
This is an exciting and brand new concept to keep in touch with your peers at all times and improve workflow.

Increase the productivity

This type of collaboration amazingly helps increase productivity by getting rid of commute times and cuts down the searching time.

Increase the productivity
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By allowing for team members to work on the same project collaboratively, it removes the dreaded email chain and helps convert ideas into reality pretty quickly. Accelerate your efficiency and cut the tasks. Two or more workers can upload the assets simultaneously, Respresso will handle all of the requests without data loss. Localization texts from different sources are totally supported. The system will merge them even if the workers save it at the same moment.


Collaboration helps to get work done efficiently with team members. Collaborate through a well designed Asset Management System and the performance can leaps into the sky. Don’t waste your time storing assets everywhere in your PC or in the cloud. Choose an AMS and every of your co-workers knows too where to search the asset and where to upload them. Be flexible against the change requests and don’t risk information missing among platforms. Break out of the mess and use Respresso.

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